About Schnarr Legacy Craftsmen

Celebrating our 40 Year Anniversary

Schnarr Legacy Craftsmenis a very different company today, from its humble beginnings 40 years ago when we worked out of a truck. Always focused on the guiding mission of transforming people’s homes and lifestyles to their maximum potential, the types of projects that we have completed know no bounds.

We have gone through many exciting changes throughout the years, but we have never lost our focus of creating happy and satisfied clients. There are not too many businesses where you start your workday in someone else’s home, greeting them in their housecoats or being welcomed at the door by their kids and pets. Building trusting and respectful relationships is a large part of what we do, as we circumnavigate around the homeowners’ daily living requirements, amid the excitement of the changes happening to their homes.

We would not be where we stand today, without the excellent employees, sub-trades and suppliers we have had the pleasure of working closely with throughout the years. They are an integral part of our success. These talented people have led us through a string of awards and a fantastic portfolio of projects that continuously raise the bar.

We look forward to projects that continue to excite and challenge our creative design and production skills as we continue to improve Kitchener- Waterloo and surrounding areas, one home at a time.

A heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of wonderful clients that we have worked with over the years.

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