New Year, New Website

Spring is just around the corner!

It’s a brand New Year, time for renewal, introspection and looking forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead. The phone has certainly been ringing as people look to a fresh start by renovating their kitchens, bathrooms, or stretching their existing space with additions out back, or as second storey add-ons.

We’re renovating too, our website that is, to give it more impact, functionality, educational features and ease of navigation. It has been an eye-opening exercise as we quickly became overwhelmed by all the details that needed to be considered as we tried to visualize the end product, a rather daunting exercise at times. In the end, we have put the construction of the website into the very capable hands of Emerge2 Digital as they have the expertise and background we don’t, which allows us to trust that all the details will be covered, resulting in an attractive and functional new website.

It sure made us appreciate the overwhelming magnitude of what undertaking a renovation must feel like for our clients. After all, just like creating a new website, it’s not something you do too often. The Creative Renovation Process that we have developed and tweaked through years of working with and learning from our clients must seem like a foreign concept to someone who has never renovated their home.

We at Schnarr Craftsmen always look forward to sharing in the excitement as we help clients circumnavigate the possibilities that their existing, nonfunctioning home can present. We certainly appreciate the challenges our clients must face as they wade through the overwhelming prospect of making changes to their home.

After 30 years in the business, there’s nothing we haven’t encountered, that can’t be altered, stretched, expanded or renewed. Removing the wall between a cramped kitchen and a little used dining room opens a world of possibilities, borrowing space from a larger adjacent room just might provide the square footage needed to accomplish a more functional room. Bathrooms, are losing the step-in tub to create a glass-walled shower oasis with multiple water delivery systems, or a spare bedroom that has become redundant can offer the space needed to create an opulent, bathroom spa. Basements are transformed from dark dingy spaces to bright, multi-use spaces. Yes, dreams really can come true.

In the end, we haven’t changed the essence of Schnarr Craftsmen Inc. and all that we bring to the table after 30 years in the business, but our website has a fresh new, updated feel that is much more functional and easy to navigate. Your home can enjoy a face-lift too.

We invite you to have a look through our new site, and we’d love to hear what you think of it. Plus any suggestions of what else we might offer or include in the website would be most appreciated.

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